Prince Dimitri “So Chic” Scented Candle


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This candle is reminiscent of a magical scent that floated in Prince Dimitri’s home growing up as well as in the homes of many royals at the time.

It is based on a sample of that scent and recreated in Paris with a touch of modernity.

This is an olfactive concerto that starts on a happy note, slows with an andante that captivates you even more and ends with a firework of accords that leaves the lucky recipient basking in an eternal present of pure bliss.

You will first perceive a fresh and relaxing combination of lavender, bergamot and orange.

Then, little by little, notes of geranium, carnation and rose will pop up, blooming into an intense feeling of elegance and glamour.

As a  perfect finale, sensual notes of vanilla, amber and cedarwood will find you smiling, cocooned in total coziness.

The candle weighs 280g (9.87oz)